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Dier remained calm as the young woman came to her disheveled features and wide eyes confirming she had no idea what was going on. Once they'd settled on his form laying down a few feet away she'd screamed the sound echoing off the cave walls hurting his already sensitive ears. Once she'd stopped her stood keeping distance his calming voice came out like a stream rushing over rocks"I am not here to hurt child you've been asleep for almost two days, believe me when I say there have been plenty of opportune moments." 

This seemed to ease her nerves enough to gather her composure" Why am I here?".

"I stopped here after getting into a fight on my delivery route and found you. I've been recovering form own wounds while keeping you warm."

Her brown eyes took in the fresh scars littering his legs dried blood still matted through his fur, her own clothes were in tatters for the under her was fur skin keeping the rock form scraping her skin. No blood her marks that she could see however. A stick of freshly cooked fish brought her out of revere as they sat down to a silent breakfast. 

"Can I tend to your leg wounds as a thank you?" she asked throwing the bones and sticks into the fire they sat around. 

"That would be appreciated" she then headed to the cave entrance no injuries stopping her from walking or moving.

"Then I'll go get some things ans be right back" before Dier could warn her about being nearly naked she began to change before him. A beautiful white fennec fox stood before him dashing out as fast her two legs would carry her. His wide eyes still fixed on the now empty spot. 

Sweating a little... So this little blurb cam to mind while I was designg him. Critique welcome. 
Hello Lovely's,

I have decided to return to deviant art after many years. I dabble in may creative facets so this will be mixed bag of things. I hope that everyone will join me in my exploration. 


Cherokee Moucheron 


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