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Future Endevors
Name-Calem Deerwood
Hair/Eye Color-Bronze Gold/Bronze
Position- Army leader/Husband
History- Born to the deer wood family last of the clan. His home and lands are rich with resources and life. Today was a day of negotiation for land that bordered his own. 

Name- Ardiana Deerwood
Height- 5"9"
Hair/Eye Color- Grey purple/Brown 
Position-Negotiator/ lady of the house
History- Married into the Deerwood clan this young woman holds land an power coveted by many.  Despite being young the power she can over a room caused quite a stir in her school days. 

Calem stood watching the training of new recruits his brow furrowed realizing these ones were going to need a lot of work, suddenly a commotion in the house caused him to sprint up the marble stairs and through the oak doors. Two guards held a man near the meeting room door as he approached the man snarled and lept throwing the trainees to the ground. A tattered suit and covered in dirt the man's steel grey eyes met calum's before he charged. 

"Bloody hell this is Ardiana's ex suitor is he still mad she chose me?"

Passed though his mind as he dodged a full body tackle before pining the man the two recruits ran over and tied his hands, before setting him up.  Hands bound he sat sulking like child the doors opened at the end of the hall his wife walked over with long strides angry at the commotion. Before getting angry her eyes caught site of the grown man pouting on the ground looking at her husband with wide eyes. 
"He better have good reason for causing this commotion or he's getting locked up" she said venomously.

Both stood and waited for an explanation before a rushed you should've been mine echoed in the hall.

A little Blurb 

Made in Rinmaru games Manga Creator:Vampire Hunter Page 4

:happybounce: +fav Love I am a dummy! 
Name-Viscera Adonis?
Age- 400 years
Race-Dark elves
Hair/Eye Color-Black Red/Red 
Abilities-Spell caster 
Height- 6" 4"

Story- Viscera looks up form his tome to see his youngest servant running through the woods to the cave her little legs were covered in dried blood and dirt. Snapping the cover shut he met the quivering and sobbing child the moon lighting the clearing that rounded the entrance to his home. Pulling her little head up to wipe away the grime he asked in quiet voice "My little one what happened? Where have you been?" Gathering herself she cleared her throat as he picked her up.
"I went to gather some of the pine root that helps with your headache, then these men grabbed me. I didn't see who they were I just kicked and bit when they dropped me I ran I'm so sorry master they may have followed me." 

Her head dropped again before more tears could flow he said "No darling I would rather you be here."
The shrubbery began to move so they had arrived, setting his charge down the ancient spell caster decided it was time to enjoy his old habit. After all if someone would hurt his precious ones well there would be a price to pay. 

Blurb to go with the character 

Made with the Dark Magician Creator on Rinmaru Games 

:happybounce: +fav Love 
New Servant
Name: Nadir Oricalum 
Title: Sir Nadir Oricalum, Immortal Slayer
Abilities: Invisibility Elemental Control 
Hair/Eye Color: Auburn/Blue
Age: 28 by Human years  112 Vampiric age

Name:Allan Emerald
Abilities: Martial Arts, Sword master
Hair/Eye Color:Bronze Blonde/Yellow gold
Story: Nadir watches lazily as the boy comes closer back straight eyes shifted slightly down as to not look his new master in the eye, the lord sighed another little puppet. His study is dark despite the morning sun blackout curtains drawn tight, the house however was cool and had feeling of relaxation. Nadir did not believe in keeping his employed on such tight leashes unless it was to teach them some obedience. Respect was well subjective in his mind as long as the work was done it was none of his concern what you thought.  Allan couldn't help but notice the relaxed feeling of this home outside of the lords Chambers was sunny and bright yet even in here it didn't feel oppressive once reaching the oil lamp circle his breath caught. The man in maroon was beautiful he'd been warned of the overwhelming beauty of these creatures but in person was something he couldn't describe. Getting his head back together the young man bowed and began his introduction "Sir my name is Allen I am here to serve you.I am trained extensively in combat as well as housekeeping chores."

The young lord smiled this one was cute also he had the combat history finally. Deciding not to keep the poor thing waiting he answered "well Allan I look forward to seeing that,"

This one was longer than expected. All credit goes to Rinmaru Games and the Vampire Hunter Creator for the bases. 

Creative Criticism Welcome :happybounce: Love +fav  
Name:Mia Whitestone
Age: 17 by human years  31 by Fey Years 
Abilities: Transformation into white tiger
Eye color/Hair Color: Blue eyes/Brunette
Story: Mia is among the fey children abandoned by their parents and caretakers. Mia's mother was on the run when she left her infant in the woods of begging thirty one years ago. Now at the age of adulthood she must decide what her future holds. Will she join the troop of girls training to be a gate keeper at the Ethereal Cross or a Guardian of the Lost woods that helps determine the worth of those that pass through it. 

All Credit for the base model goes to Azelea Dolls 

A little Blurb hope everyone likes!

:D (Big Grin) :happybounce: +fav 
Height: 5" 1"
Age: 24
Hair/Eye color:Blue/purple
Ability/Job: Mansion Medic
Story: Despite being doctor Alli has decided to live as a personal physician to her Fiance's family. Seems another hunt took a turn for the worst. Thankfully she wont turn into a vampire.

Name: Tierra Aldren
Height: 5" 8"
Hair/Eye Color: Lilac/Grey
Story: Born to the best beast hunters in the east seems Tierra gets a littler in over her head when it involving her future wife. At least she made home unlike her father.

Little blurbs to go with the above pic enjoy! :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 

Made on Rinmaru games 
Hello Lovely's,

I have decided to return to deviant art after many years. I dabble in may creative facets so this will be mixed bag of things. I hope that everyone will join me in my exploration. 


Cherokee Moucheron 


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